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I exercise to decrease pain, stress, increase my energy, endurance, muscular strength, improve my sleep and energy levels and for the social aspect of it. Before I exercise I feel stiff and tired, during the exercises I really enjoy it and after the exercises I feel refreshed. I think that exercises with Anna for the past 8 years has kept me feeling younger and I always look forward to our exercise sessions every Monday and Thursday. Thank you Anna-you have become truly a good friend.

Betty F., 91 years old - Client since Sept 2004

I take sessions with your kinesiologist to increase my energy, improve my endurance, muscular strength, flexibility since I have multiple sclerosis, and therefore I have a lot of stiffness and spasticity. Since using the services of a kinesiologist, I have more confidence with movement, increase in stamina, balance and mobility.

Marlene K., 65 years old

The reasons I do exercises are the following: to decrease pain, improve posture, improve strength and mobility in my arms and legs. Before my pool exercise sessions I feel very stiff and my knees are very painful, after exercising I feel more mobile and walking is easier. Since using the services of your kinesiologists I feel better and better.
Mollie M., 89 years old - Client since May 2012

Je participe aux séances de groupe pour diminuer le stress, pour améliorer ma posture, mon sommeil, ma vigueur musculaire, perdre du poids et l'aspect sociable. Avant les exercices je me fatigue, l'après les exercices je me sens beaucoup mieux.
Elise D., 79 years old

Some of the reasons I participate in the group exercise classes are to increase my energy levels, improve my sleep, posture and for the social aspect. My favorite parts are the floor exercises and the cardio.

Sonny A.

I feel good before the exercises but afterward I feel even better.

Maria S., 72 years old

I feel good before the group exercise classes but I feel great afterward. I appreciate that you know what is best for us and I like the variety.

Linda V.

I feel great after the group exercise sessions. I enjoy your class very much.
Nina B., 75 years old

Before the classes I feel weak, during I feel a little tired and after the class I have alot more energy. My favourite part is the dancing part.
Angelina D., 84 years old


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